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Big Sur, California

I sell the above photo on canvas:

Big Sur, CA is one of my favorite photo-taking locations in the world. Located about three hours south of San Francisco, its picturesque landscape and stunning cliffs make it a one of a kind place that you must see. Pictured above is the primary landmark of Big Sur: McWay Falls, a tiny waterfall spilling onto an isolated beach, with beautiful teal waters brushing against the shore. Breathtaking.

Pictured above: McWay Falls in the winter

Driving along Highway 1 through Big Sur is a view itself. On the right day, the water in Big Sur reflects a beautiful teal color (pictured above). Another Big Sur hotspot is the famous Bixby Bridge( below).

Built in 1932, the bridge has a unique shape and location.

Whenever it's someone's first time to the Bay Area, I always take them on a drive down to see this magnificent place. Worth the time and the one lane drive!

It is also a good idea to stay and view the sunset on the coast. Golden Hour is the most serene time, as the cliffs literally turn golden in front of your eyes.

I sell the above photo as a canvas:

I sell the above photo as a framed print:

Overall, this drive is worth it. Even through the one lane, windy road, can be a bit intimidating, the views make up for it.

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