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The Best Photos: Jr. Sharks 15AAA

Hockey: one of my favorite things in the world, so naturally one of my favorite things to photograph.

I've been lucky enough to grow up in the hockey world, and when I finally learned a thing or two about taking photos, I started taking photos at my brother's(Andrew) hockey games. He has been playing ice hockey with the Jr. Sharks organization since 2011 and originally started as left wing, but has now fully transitioned into being a goalie. I'll have to admit taking photos for his teams when he was younger was quite boring since there wasn't a lot of action and most photos were very plain(no offense to the younger players of the world). But now, especially the past two years, I've been able to accumulate a bunch of awesome pictures of him and his teammates on AAA teams(if you don't know how youth hockey tiers work then look it up). His 15 AAA season just ended and tryouts for next years team are in May(fingers crossed).

This season the boys played in many different places in the US, and since I'm at Cornell I got to go to a couple of the tournaments in the midwest/east coast. These photos were all taken in Philadelphia, Detroit(where my grandparents live), and Minneapolis/St. Paul(where literally my whole extended family on my mom's side lives), so a lot of these tournaments were also family reunions!

Anyways, in honor of my brother's most recent season ending, here are my favorite pictures I've gotten the past year:

(My Brother)

If you made it this far I really hope you liked some of the above pictures. It's the best feeling to download these and see some of the awesome moments from the game. Some may ask "how can you watch the game and take pictures at the same time?" Well let me tell you: I'm great at multitasking, and since I know mostly everything about this sport I don't view the game any different with a camera.

If you're wondering how I actually took this photos:

Use a very fast shutter speed. This is fast action, so your camera needs to capture it fast if you don't want your picture to look blurry. My usually settings are 1/400 shutter speed, 1000 ISO, and aperture 2.8.

Great season to the 15 AAA Jr. Sharks team, can't wait for next season's games.

Now time for NHL playoffs(go Sharks) :)

Also thought I would add this beauty in here. As you can tell I love taking photos of refs too!

Just kidding...but this is what happens when you forget to put your camera on autofocus. Learn from my mistakes, kids.

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