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Photo Tips: Moon Photography

The moon is such an amazing thing to photograph, and your pictures can turn out great if you use the right settings.

I personally like to photograph the moon when it is in a half or quarter shape, rather than a full moon. The pictures look cooler to me when you can see the shadow of the moon's craters, which you can't see in full moon pictures.

Now for the settings:

The pictures I take were taken with a shutter speed of 1/160, an aperture of 10 and an ISO of 400. It is best to take these pictures on a tripod and with a lens 300mm or more, the image above was taken on a 300mm lens but I zoomed in the picture and edited it.

Just use setting similar to this, and it makes it a lot easier if you use a tripod!

Overall, moon photography is some of the most impressive yet simple photos to take, if you have the right settings. Just make sure you pick a clear night with the moon preferably close to the horizon so it is larger!

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